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Terms & Conditions

Riad Kamal S.A.R.L.
Street Riad Zitoun Lakdim,
Marrakech 40000
+212 (0) 706-205373

These general terms and conditions of sale apply as part of a system of reservation and distance selling and aim to define the modalities, between the SARL RIAD KAMAL and the client, from the reservation until the end of the stay, via the services and payment.

Prices are given per room and per night, single or double occupancy, breakfast included, tourist taxes extra (2.50 €/night/person). The prices in euro are given as indicative because of the change in the exchange rate. Rates are subject to change.

The description of RIAD KAMAL and its photos (entrance, patios, open living room, dining room, coursives, terrace, swimming pool, rooms) are on the website

Reservations can be made by phone, email or directly through our website

Only those who have received written confirmation or by email from their reservation and who have paid a deposit, on behalf of SARL RIAD KAMAL, have access to Riad Kamal.

The booking confirmation by SARL RIAD KAMAL, implies on the part of the client, the full acceptance of these general conditions which are an integral part of the accommodation contract.

When booking, you must provide the SARL RIAD KAMAL with personal information including your email address. This information will only be used for the purpose of booking and occasionally to send you information about the Riad.

The customer is responsible for the validity of his email address and the contact details provided. In case of incorrect entry, SARL RIAD KAMAL disclaims all liability.

In accordance with the law on information and freedom dated January 6, 1978, you have the right to access, rectify, modify and delete the data that concerns you. You can exercise this right by sending an email to

Payment is made in euros or dirhams, cash (no check) or credit card (at no extra cost), upon arrival before taking possession of the rooms, with the hostess of the Riad.

During the stay, any purchase in the Riad: restaurant-beverage-and any other benefit is payable at the time of the transaction.

a/cancellation of the rental due to the customer

The cancellation of the rental due to the customer must be made by email to

The penalties for cancellation of the rental due to the customer, for any reason whatsoever, are as follows:

  • No penalties if the cancellation is made 7 days before the date of the start of the stay.
  • The amount of one night is charged if the cancellation is made less than 7 days before the date of the start of the stay.
  • The entire stay is levied in case of a shortened stay or a non-presentation

Nb : Failure to register at the place of departure or delay of carriage by air, iron, sea or road, whatever the cause, or presentation of police documents, passports or other, indispensable to stay in Morocco, will in no way constitute a exemption from cancellation fees and will not in any way imply liability of SARL RIAD KAMAL.
On the other hand, in case of involuntary delay, if the client shows up at the Riad the day after the scheduled date and within the limits of the possibilities of SARL RIAD KAMAL, the rental dates can be reconsidered:

– either by keeping the same term and the initial rental conditions without payment of indemnity from SARL RIAD KAMAL

– either by reconsidering the rental dates and the choice of the room (or rooms) and any supplements.

In any case, without any reduction in relation to the initial rental price, from SARL RIAD KAMAL.

These emergency negotiations will be carried out (accepted or refused), according to its possibilities, with the hostess (or mistress of House) and on the spot. SARL RIAD KAMAL reserves the right to impose a minimum period of stay, or the obligation to book the Riad exclusively: any modification of the duration or number of participants on the part of the client, which would call into question this right, would constitute a cancellation on the part of the client, without compensation or reimbursement of any kind on the part of RIAD KAMAL.

b/cancellation or modification due to SARL Riad Kamal

The cancellation or modification of a rental by RIAD KAMAL will result in the right of the full repayment of the sums paid by the customer in the absence of an agreement, within 15 days.

NB : the cancellation of SARL Riad Kamal does not entitles you to any compensation other than the full refund of the sums paid.

However and to the extent possible, if this cancellation intervenes, for cases of force majeure (degradation, fire, flood, etc.), RIAD KAMAL will propose to the customer an alternative of the same value or higher value, which the latter cannot refuse, in the Riad, and at no extra cost. Also if necessary, in another Riad. In the latter case, a refusal by the client would result in a full refund of the sums paid which would be made according to the conditions described above.

The rooms are available from 2pm after completing the formalities of use, or upon arrival of the guests (before 2pm), if these are ready.

On the day of departure, the rooms must be vacated at the latest, at 12am. In case of late departure the guests can in the meantime, enjoy the services of the Riad and their luggage can be placed in a local, without engaging the responsibility of SARL RIAD KAMAL in case of degradation or theft.

The hostess, the staff, the SARL RIAD KAMAL and the owners of RIAD KAMAL disclaims all responsibilities in case of:

– theft, deterioration of property belonging to customers or any other persons in the Riad and their direct or indirect consequences,

– any bodily accidents whatsoever and their direct or indirect consequences that may occur to persons (guests, exceptionally authorized guests to enter the day and outside the rooms) at all levels of the Riad.

In no event shall the liability of the owners, hostess and personnel be incurred. To know that the respect of the characteristics of the architecture of a traditional Riad in Morocco does not meet European or Western standards in General: the parapets or other bodyguards of the corridors and the terrace are passable and not equipped with nets or protective grids.

Access to the kitchen and the use of utensils and household appliances, ingredients or maintenance products is forbidden to anyone outside the service, even if the kitchen remains open to the dining room at all times.

In case of injury, cut, burn, intoxication or otherwise, occurring anywhere, within the premises of the Riad and in view of these preventions and prohibitions, SARL RIAD KAMAL, declines all responsibilities.

The most exposed persons and children in particular present in the Riad, are placed under the sole responsibility of their parents or legal representatives and should under no circumstances be left unattended, within the Riad.

In case of failure or interruption, even prolonged, of the services of the Riad or public services such as electricity, water, telephone, television, WiFi or other, the direction of RIAD KAMAL can under no circumstances be held responsible.

In each room, a safe with digital lock is at your disposal. In case of breach or defection of the trunk lock system which would result in theft of money, jewellery, credit card, camera or other valuables, the liability of SARL RIAD KAMAL, can under no circumstances be incurred. Likewise for all items in the Riad, out of the safe, which would be lost, stolen or damaged.

In any case, no incident or accident may under any circumstances be the subject of a partial or total refund of the amount of the rental, a reduction or an indemnity by SARL RIAD KAMAL.

Customers are advised to be insured for illnesses, accidents and repatriation.

The safety and supervision of children are the sole responsibility of accompanying adults. Any deterioration, breakage or disturbances disturbing the stay of our other guests staying at the same time, would entail either the termination of the contract of residence or a financial compensation equivalent to the various break or degradations in case of degradation.

No person, apart from the number of guests foreseen in the original booking, is allowed to enter the Riad, especially in the rooms!

Pets are not allowed in the Riad and it is strictly forbidden to smoke in the rooms and the common living room.

SARL RIAD KAMAL would be obliged to terminate immediately and without indemnification the initial reservation of any customer not complying with these clauses. The refusal to comply would result in an immediate appeal to the police.

Clients, owners and staff are the only people who have permanent access.

A rental security deposit, in case of full rent by a client, a family or a group of friends, may be requested in order to cover any possible damage to the property, the replacement of objects or their restoration, as well as the possible flights.

This rental deposit must be made upon arrival of the Customers, with the hostess (or Mistress of House) SARL RIAD KAMAL, in cash, against receipt (check and CB not accepted).

The guarantee will be returned in full at the time of departure, if no disorder was found.

Otherwise, the guarantee will be cashed to cover the costs of refurbishment. Invoice duplicates will be sent to the customer as well as the eventual balance of the transaction. 51/5000 The amount of this deposit is 300,00 €.

The messages intended for the Customers can be transmitted by the phone number of RIAD KAMAL, likewise for the messages e mail to

The shots of the riad can only be done privately and under no circumstances be used for commercial purposes without the express written agreement of the owners of the riad.

Upon arrival of each Client, SARL RIAD KAMAL is required to carry out all the formalities of use, specific to the regulations applied in Morocco.

Failure to comply with these general conditions of sale, which may create serious disorders, likely to harm the safety and tranquility of other Clients, may result in immediate termination, automatically and without compensation on the initial reservation. In this case, the customers concerned will have to leave the RIAD KAMAL as soon as possible, at the order of the hostess (Mistress of the House). Depending on the severity of the disorder, a lawsuit may be filed with the Courts of Marrakech.

Any possible complaint must be confirmed within a period of 10 days after the Client’s departure, after it has been formulated in writing, during his stay with the Hostess, or by email to .

In case of disagreement, after exhausting amicable ways, only the Courts of Marrakech will be competent to settle the dispute.

The purpose of these general conditions of sale is to harmonize the relationship between the Riad Management and its Clients and to create the conditions to ensure the best possible service with them.

These general conditions of sale as of June 1, 2016 are applicable for all bookings, accommodations and stays from that date.